Veteran and Family Benefits for Senior – What you Need to Know

Veteran and Family Benefits for Senior – What you Need to Know



Dear War Veterans and Spouses, your bravery and sacrifices are insurmountable. You defended our country and secured our future. All these cannot be literally compensated in full but let us attempt to give back the care by giving life at its best for the next years to come.

We are HEARTWOOD ASSISTED LIVING, not only give care for our residents but reach out to others to give help in any way we can. Today let us be a resource you can look through as to guide you in your search for a way to pay for needed services.

The time has come to consider long-term elder care and though you may worry about getting through the expenditure which comes on top of basic expenses. The average cost of which is approximately $30,000/year. But recently there is such good news to alleviate this situation that we excitedly share with you.

If you are a veteran or a spouse of one, you have newly improved benefit programs that come on top of your Basic Pension. It is noted though that this will only qualify you provided you meet the requirements of that stipulated in receiving VA Basic Pension.

Our focus is on VA AID and ATTENDANCE Benefit as a monetary aid that can be used exclusively or otherwise for funding in Home Facilities or as what we at HEARTWOOD ASSISTED LIVING offer as Assisted Living Services. In some cases, it may be even used to fund for hiring private caregivers or your own relatives to give the most assured care you need in a facility of your own choice.


In the early year of 2019, qualifying veterans over the age of 65 and their spouses were awarded with AID and ATTENDANCE Benefit amounting to almost $2,300 on a monthly basis to fund long-term elder care services.

The assistance was focused on the eligible veterans as well as surviving spouses needing help in their activities of daily living like eating, grooming or medication management and may not be directly related to their military service.


To benefit from this program, financial and non-financial qualifications present a variety of aspects starting with the following:

Basic requirements:
Only active veterans will be considered under this category as to those who served on inclusive dates of the 1940’s to 1970’s War and even the Gulf War of the 90’s.

  • Age should be over 65
  • 90 days military service
  • No record of dishonorable discharge
  • Surviving Spouse – must be living with the veteran at the time of death and unmarried at the time of benefit claim.

*Please note that all applicants are required to submit documentation as proof for their length of service indicating relevant dates like the discharge affectivity and other pertinent information.


To be included in the VA Benefit under Aid and Attendance, the Veterans Affairs will look deeply on several aspects of an applicants’ existing net worth to verify whether one can or cannot really be supported by it over a period of time.

In addition, they take into consideration the age, existing medical conditions, the level of care needed as well as the life expectancy. The set limits revolve around combined income and assets to be at a specified level to be granted the benefit.

  • $123,600 Net worth limit of combined assets (bank account, bonds, stocks, mutual funds or properties) and annual income (actual income deducted with expenses either medical or non-medical) in reference to either couple or single applicants.
  • The timeframe for the summary of assets and income is for the last 3 years. They pay close attention if there had been properties sold off to decrease the level of asset acknowledged in connection to the application.

*Please note that all applicants are required to submit documentation as proof for their length of service indicating relevant dates like the discharge affectivity and other pertinent information.


A red flag for those receiving multiple benefit programs whether directly from the Veterans Affairs or through government health care programs through when availing the Aid and Attendance Benefit.

  • When claiming the VA Pension or Assistance benefit, this will disqualify you to access MEDICAID or Disability Compensation. The reason behind is that in most cases, the VA Aid and Attendance Benefit is higher than that of the allowable monthly income required to receive MEDICAID Assistance.
  • However, it will grant you whichever is higher in value to ensure you receive the most appropriate compensation and services.
  • In surviving spouses, though that are receiving Dependents Indemnity Compensation (DIC) but proven to have a need in assistance in ADL (Activities of Daily Living), the addition of $300/month is awarded on top of the above-mentioned benefit. Although, it should be noted that the surviving spouse cannot accept both the DIC and death pension at the same time.
  • In addition, the veteran can however receive AID and Attendance benefit as well as Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services to their better advantage.


As the program greatly takes off the load on heavy expenses for a long term cost, the process of application and screening is too tedious for veterans. Most go through the paperwork for a period of 9 up to 12months of application. Thereafter in some cases, eligible veterans receive the benefit 2-3months after on date upon approval.

If such is the case, and there is an imminent need for the veteran or surviving spouse to get senior care, private agencies or organizations offer loans to augment existing immediate financial needs for home care or assisted living services.


Congratulations if you had gone far and qualify for the program. It is such an amazing benefit because the Veterans Affairs has no restrictions on how it will be or where it will be spent on. The benefit comes in monthly check or deposited directly to a verified account of a veteran or their surviving spouse and never to a care provider or home facility.


The veteran qualified for the benefit together with their spouse or solely the surviving spouse can choose from a variety of facilities with the assurance of full coverage for long-term care.

  • Home Care – renovations or home modifications to accommodate a disability is included in addition to the caregiver of choice for veterans choosing to stay in their present homes.
  • Skilled Nursing Care – medical interventions, round the clock monitoring and assessment is appropriate for veterans with serious medical conditions.
  • Adult Day Care – veterans opting for a non-fully committed institutional healthcare facility may choose on senior care at the minimal level as medication management or therapy sessions. They would still prefer the comforts of their home as familiar surroundings give them a sense of security.
  • Assisted Living Facility – whether, in memory care, direct care, or TBI, they have experienced staff and committed personnel to engage the veterans in new experiences while giving the utmost care.


At times, family members take the initiative of being the caregiver of their veteran grandparents. But in as much as they want to give the services themselves, they also need to look after their personal expenses. A good solution to this was provided with the Aid and Attendance Benefit where the veterans can pay for family members’ salaries as their actual caregivers. An exception though is when the spouse is the one giving help with activities of daily living as they are considered to be one entity with the veteran husband.

In addition, upon confirmation of eligibility, the veteran may even receive retroactive benefits from the previous year provided there is proof for the need for assistance on activities on daily living prior to the time of receiving the pension. A full month to a year of benefit may be awarded covering medical expenses or eldercare expenditures from the period of receiving the regular pension.

In summary, everyone is entitled to know and avail of benefits well suited for their needs. The Veterans Service Officer for that matter is open for inquiries and can readily check for eligibility not just for you but for your whole family as well.

Lastly, we thank you for giving us a chance to enlighten you and when the need arises, Heartwood openly welcomes you into our community where we balance your lifestyle change and medical needs.

You deserve only the best care on the least expense possible!

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