Useful Exercises for Seniors in Hot San Antonio Weather

Useful Exercises for Seniors in Hot San Antonio Weather


Michelle’s “Assisted Living An Insider’s View at Heartwood Assisted Living” shows a fresh take on the benefits of exercise for seniors. As you grow old and go into assisted living, practicing regular exercise will surely make your days better. She dedicated one chapter mainly for exercise for seniors and will be discussed in this article.

Today, we are aware of the benefits of exercise that includes but are not limited to having a healthy mind, body, and soul; to boosting morale, and extending life. Exercise is good for all ages but most seniors are anxious and reluctant to do so because they weren’t introduced to their daily regimen when they were young.

This rings true to the under use of your body as well. As seniors, you are still required to do work that can preserve their strength and endurance. According to the International Council on Activities, you’re never too old to start exercising and living healthy.

For inactive seniors, exercise may seem more of a job rather than a recreational activity. But the fact remains, exercise for seniors is necessary to stay fit and healthy.

On top of making your physical body healthy and in shape, exercising can also make your brain stay sharp. According to the six-year study of the Annals of Internal Medicine comprising around 1700 adult subjects aged 65 and above found that there is a correlation between exercise and dementia. It was found that if you exercise three to four times a week, there is a lower chance of you getting dementia than that of people who are not exercising at all.

Risks of not exercising as you age

On the contrary, inactive people are more likely at risk of having these diseases as they aggressively gain weight. Sedentary people are mostly always out of balance as well and have a harder time making several quick and heavy movements. This inactivity makes them prone to heart diseases and gives them a rather shorter lifespan. Exercise, on the other hand, may not only delay the inevitable but also overall prevent them.

One more thing that can be one of the best arguments that come out from this discussion is the elimination of the distressing dependence that comes with getting old. If you practice regular exercise, your body remains intact and in shape, thus, making you more independent.

The stats

But the statistics show the harsh truth about exercise for seniors. Based on the government’s records, there are only 11 of people 65 and older that exercises. In this number, only six percent fully participate in strength and physical training.

Is it the end though? The answer is not. There is rising evidence that people who involve strength training at least two times a week have better and sharper brain power.

Breathing properly through the lungs send more oxygen from your blood vessels to your brain. Also, regular exercise can reduce the risks of getting diseases like diabetes, stroke, and hypertension. These diseases often lead to memory loss as well. Exercising will not only prevent these but also boost your brain.

It was a common notion for scientists then that the human brain cells were only limited and would not produce more. Today, this was debunked when they studied brain autopsies of adults. They found a couple of new neurons located in the hippo campus, thus signifying the production of new brain cells.

Below are some of the benefits of continuous exercise in your age:

  1. It maintains your flexibility and helps to keep track of your fitness
  2. It strengthens your sense of balance
  3. Regular exercise helps you manage ailments like diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and even kick depression in the butt
  4. Regular exercise can help in both losing and gaining weight
  5. It helps regulate brain function

Final Thoughts

Once you start regular exercise, more often than not, you get addicted, and it really is the best kind. Live well, and live healthy practice exercise for seniors regularly.

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