Typical Senior Care Services: Sorted by level of Care

Typical Senior Care Services: Sorted by level of Care

When one is ready to take the step of retirement process or health issues triggers the need for different home facilities, looking at options are both overwhelming and worrisome as to the kind and possible costs.

We at Heartwood Assisted Living together with our partner facilities proactively educate and guide seniors in choosing the most suited facility that balances reliable services and affordability.

What is a senior Home Facility?

A licensed and closely monitored single unit or interconnected housing facility for seniors overseen by professionals that look out for their multitude of needs whether in medical interventions or simple activities of daily living (ADL).

“facilities” vary in function by the size they are licensed at. Small RCF (Residential care facilities), will operate in more of a home setting because they will only have 6 residents at a time. Whereas larger homes up to 16 will have more staff and run similar to a large RCF.

The type varies on purpose, setting, and length of stay. In some cases, they can transition from one kind to the other either at a short or long period of time utilizing the best fit services offered in the most convenient way.

What senior service do they offer and who gives them?

Simple to specialized services had been evolving as time goes by for each kind of community. One may be focused on ADL, medical interventions or a combination of both. Others specialize in short term or long term care depending on the condition of the resident like Memory Care for Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

On the other hand therapies for impaired individuals are made available for a short or long term basis up to as needed. In as much as physical needs are met and taken care of, the community is aiming for enhancing the way of life as well as giving the folks of residents that peace of mind. Generally though, convenient services are made available in most if not all of housing facilities.

These includes, meals, cleaning, maintenance services or even transportation aid. The cherry on top involves a variety of entertainment activities well planned to keep residents purposefully engaged and not just forcefully laid on the calendar to keep the folks busy or preoccupied. In addition, the services are conducted by well trained, licensed professionals, with compassion and dedication for Elderly Care.



An apartment complex or home designed for a way to maximize your lifestyle that makes you live in a community where you do not have to worry about simple housekeeping and other maintenance necessities of your home.

This Independent Living set-up is ideal for seniors looking for a community to indulge in new perspectives yet have assurance for provision of convenient services. A prerequisite for a senior to be recommended to this type of facility is to have no need of serious healthcare assistance or intervention but may include simple medication management to be catered.

Surrounded with peers and readily available resources, residents thrive in this kind of community that gives an option of short or long term arrangement or for as long as possible. Assistance is readily available from food to cleaning or a mix of having occasional help for cooking or activities of daily living like bath or grooming. Community activities spice up the experience with live entertainment, games puzzles and other things that foster self-expression.

Least expenditure is expected from this type of facility as there is no direct provision of in depth healthcare services yet ensures maximum comfort and convenience.


A kind of senior care service licensed by the state and closely regulated that is directed on specific needs of patients within a community. There is physical relocation to a more suited facility to cater varieties of needs circling in disabilities. This includes but are not limited to dementia and memory care for seniors having Alzheimer’s disease and other related conditions. In other cases, some seniors are merely looking for a place to have a sense of belonging and renowned purpose through community activities and socialization. They deeply want to maintain despite their age or condition, a certain degree of independence and a continuance of their life of quality and fulfilment. It is at the most advantage when they surround themselves with residents that are at the same level of living conditions or medical needs. A shared purposeful living in the best fit community possible could deliver comfort and assurance to both the seniors themselves and their loved ones.

Heartwood Assisted Living offers this type of senior care option and guarantees the utmost care to your loved ones. We are the second family that can give the warmth and compassion to their residents to help them live more and worry less.

As mentioned, the home facilities may in a way be interconnected as such when the need arises for a transfer. Heartwood has competent staff members and medical team that efficiently help transition elders having pre-existing independent living conditions into an assisted living set-up to better care for their needs.


A kind of assisted living condition but on a long term home facility aimed at giving care options to seniors with delicate medical conditions including, memory care, TB and the like. Home care providers are highly trained for each specific medical condition and committed to ensure life is lived to the fullest.


A specialized care that is highly recommended when the senior has lack of navigational capacity, least command of ADL and more specifically on medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Other activities offer physical and mental stimulation to complete the goal of continuing care.


Recommended to all or a few with cognitive impairment, physical or mental disabilities. The most general basic care present in most facilities that covers personal hygiene maintenance, toileting or meal preparation.

TBI Care

Homes that are experts in caring for seniors with traumatic brain injury. The unique need of this patient does not however center on physical impairment but on giving comfort and direct self-awareness


When choice is still on “There is no place like home” category, some seniors still find comfort in familiar surroundings. Service is targeted on health and hygiene maintenance by caregivers while highly trained nurses perform prescription administration.

In as much as this set-up is the least expensive, it is not highly recommended as the medical care provided is limited to a few hours in a day excluding the weekends. Caregivers will not stay all day but in shifts. Some are also limited to emergency case calls and highly discouraging for those with sporadic symptoms. It should be noted though, that there is a difference in medical caregiver against a non-medical caregiver. The latter is more common in non-serious medical conditions and with elders having well established medical interventions for controlling symptoms.


Care is given by highly skilled and state licensed nurses on either a short or long term basis. A big facility that renders 24/7 medical services and staff to elders that might have recent surgery. The goal is to stabilize a patient’s health through scheduled interventions and closely monitored medications.

In some instances, skilled nursing homes have patients suffering from serious injuries or complications from a previous conditions that require therapies or rehabilitation. This is the facility that most resemble a hospital setting because of the presence of a varied and most numbers of medical professionals that each fulfil roles accordingly.

On a hindsight, this option is not intended for a long term haul as most insurance cover a maximum of 20-30 days coverage. On instances where symptoms continue to progress, there will be a recommendation to transition to other senior care options.


This is a community that bridges the gap between care of needs and budget availability as it is intended for a lifetime residence. The large community that has a combination of the other four senior options aiming for a long term commitment on physical and mental care.

This is most preferred for residents that are high to transition to the type of care they need within a few years’ time. Whether probably due to medical conditions or pre-existing conditions that may influence your choice on senior care options, this is indeed the one-stop-shop for your needs. A place of semi-private residential communities that is your new home for the years to come. They house the senior residents in harmony with medical professions committed to help give life more meaning to them while taking stress off loved ones doing their best to balance filial obligations and individual careers.

The 5 levels of Senior Home Facilities vary on the degree of medical services given, physical orientation, and duration of stay as well as in obvious reasons the costing for each. At a glance here is a comparison on services given and expected costs.

Independent LivingAdult Family
Care Home
Assisted LivingSkilled Nursing FacilityContinuing Care Retirement Community
QUALIFIERADLcapableADL AssistedADL AssistedAfter surgery/ discharge from HospitalsADL restricted
TBI, Dementia,
PHYSICALSET-UPApartment Residential House (5-6)Residential House (6-24)Semi-private roomsLarge Community
LEVEL of CareMedication ManagementMemory Care Unit24/7 Medical CareComplete services
DURATION6months or longer6months or longer6months or longerLong Term CareShort Term Care1 year to Lifetime
COVERAGE/INSURANCEPrivate payPrivate Pay/ MedicaidPrivate Pay/ MedicaidMedicaidMedicare/Other Health InsurancePrivate Paid Lifetime Cost Policy
COSTS$(monthly)$$(monthly)$$$(monthly)$$$$(monthly)$$$$$(1 time fee)

In this day and age, more and more compassionate professionals dedicate their lives in providing exceptional care to elders. The “House-looking Senior Facility” idea transitioned into a heart-warming community where families take care of families by enhancing their way of life and engaging them in activities that keeps them satisfied and fulfilled.

So reach out to us, let Heartwood Assisted Living walk you through the process of finding the best-fit community you need.