Moving into an Assisted Living – The Checklist to make the move easier

Moving into an Assisted Living – The Checklist to make the move easier


Moving into an assisted living can cause a whirlwind of emotions for all family members. While the children may feel hopeful their parent will receive the care that they need, the parent may feel defeated.

It’s important to start the process with being as prepared as possible. This will help the parent feel secure and help lessen the anxiety levels of both the parent and the children.

Choosing the right place

Should mom or dad live in an assisted living in castle hills or an assisted living near the medical center? It’s an important question. The children and the parent must decide what they are comfortable with. That may mean that mom or dad stays in an assisted living near alamo heights because it’s closest to where the children live. There are also many other considerations families must make. Below is a checklist to consider when choosing a location:

Before Moving day

Beginning the conversation is the most important thing. It gives the parent more time to consider the move and allows them to address any concerns they may have. Below is a checklist of tasks to consider before the move:

  • Set a meeting with the facility manager so that any concerns the parent has can be addressed.
  • Ask the facility manager what personal items the parent can bring, and help the parent choose belongings that help them feel like they are at home.
  • Communicate to the staff about any routines the parent has, what their likes and dislikes are, and methods that help comfort the parent.

Moving day

Moving day is stressful no matter what age you are. There are boxes to pack and unpack, and then there is the stress of familiarizing oneself with the new environment. The same is very true for when a parent goes to live in an assisted living, Below is a checklist of tasks to consider on moving day:

  • Plan to spend the day moving. It helps lessen the anxiety for both parents and children to view as much activity at the facility as possible.
  • Help the parent meet the other residents and begin conversations with them
  • Help the parent decorate their room and move in.
  • Ensure that equipment in the room is working (such as the call light)
  • Have the children plan their next visit with the parent

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