Lower the Cost of Assisted Living without Lowering the Quality of Care

Lower the Cost of Assisted Living without Lowering the Quality of Care


Never choose between comfort and price when it comes to choosing the assisted living residential care for your loved one. Here are 9 things and tips for choosing the perfect assisted living residence which doesn’t sacrifice quality for a cheap price.

1. Community Size

While most might think that large assisted living residences are cheaper because of the economy of scale, this is actually not true. Regulations differ for various community sizes thus smaller assisted living communities who offer the same quality of services can be cheaper than larger ones.

2. Apartment Type

Assisted living communities offer you various room types to choose from. There are private rooms that vary in size while there are also studio rooms. Most assisted living communities offer enough public spaces, activity rooms, and amenities outside of the rooms thus renting a studio room is cheaper than renting a 1-bedroom apartment. This can reduce monthly payments by 15 to 20. This will save you $6,000 to $8,000 annually per a national average charge of $3,600 a month.

3. Apartment Sharing

There are also assisted living communities which offer 2-bedroom apartments which can help you save 10 to 20 over a single unit. This will save you $4,000 to $8,000 a year for a community average cost. Sharing a 2-bedroom unit means having your own living room area, sleeping area, and socializing areas, plus, you get to share it with just one housemate!

4. Away from the City

Assisted living communities are relatively more expensive in urban areas because of higher real estate values and standard of living. Opting for an assisted living community outside of the City can save you as much as 25 while also enjoying better space and environment in the suburban and rural areas.

5. Outside the State

Prices of assisted living residences vary in all of the 50 states due to state regulations and local cost index. Families who reside near state borders or in small states pay less in choosing assisted living communities in neighboring states.

6. Check for discounts

Assisted living communities to offer discounts and price breaks usually at the end of the month, calendar quarter or financial quarter. Some even offer negotiations like waiving the community fee and offering move-in discounts. If you are looking for a residence without a time constraint, you can take advantage of this!

7. Level of Occupancy

The first is to find an assisted living residence (like Heartwood Assisted living) which recently opened. With 100 of its rooms open for vacancy, the administration may be willing to negotiate and settle on fees, discounts, and services.

Second is to look for assisted living residences with a lot of vacancies, it is most likely that the administration offers zero community fees or move-in credits just to fill in their empty beds. This can save you as much as $2,000 to $10,000. Assisted living residences share this information to assisted living referral services as well as to private geriatric care managers. Now you know who to contact!

8. Quality of care and service

Each resident has a different level of need thus assisted living communities offer various packages that suit the need of the resident. The list of services in these packages should be worth the cost asked of you thus make sure that you make a very careful assessment of the services included in your package. Counselors from Area Agencies on Aging (public) and Geriatric Care Managers (private) can help you assess the following services – bathing, dressing, grooming, continence, generalized behavior, eating, mobility, medication, housekeeping services and additional assistance for Dementia patients.

9. Price reduction credits

Some assisted living communities offer price reduction credits for residents who are having trouble with keeping up with the monthly rent. Most of these residences are those who are struggling with keeping all the beds filled. Choosing an assisted living community that offers a price reduction will save you $300 to $500 a month in the future as well as the security of keeping a home for your family even in the middle of a financial crisis, which of course we hope doesn’t happen.

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