Elder Care Cost and Assistance Programs

Elder Care Cost and Assistance Programs

Heartwood Assisted Living is centered on family and care to help transition elders from independent living into an openly assisted environment. Here at our 1960’s vibe home facility, our elders thrive with the aid of our trained staff those of which hone their skills through continuing professional education. It is located at Oak Hills, where you could enjoy both convenience and security by taking a 10-minute ride to the park or a routine examination at the Medical Center.

We take pride in giving sincere and professional care to our residents in accordance with their needs through consistent reliable services.

But choosing the right services that tailor fit your loved one’s needs can be tricky and meticulous. Luckily, HHS (the DADS division) partners with companies and organizations to provide information from their databases and help you pick out the most suitable options. The information focused not only on affordability but specific needs of the elder. An easy match can be made through the individual’s specific needs or chosen location plus important consideration is made on affordability and trustworthiness of the facility.

Below is the recent information for different aspects of elder care around the state with regards to the costs of living in different settings and locations.

Drop-in Adult Care

The latest adult day care cost set on a national level is at an average of $71 per day. But although this may seem pretty high some areas could still offer it as low as $28 with equally the same services. In recent years, the cost scaled higher on a very minimum amount that last year it reached just about $38 on a daily basis. Monitoring all around the states, it was found out that Texas still claims the stake on having with the least costly daycare for the elders alongside special facilities with a notably high end but affordable cost. These areas include Dallas, Midland, Austin, and Houston that caters to an average cost of $63 at the minimum and high up the national level premium of $71 per day. In contrast, the most affordable facilities are located in Corpus, Christi, McAllen, Beaumont Abilene, Longview, and Laredo at a reasonable cost of $28-$35 daily. One thing to note is really understanding the difference between an assisted living facility and a skilled nursing home.

Daily Care at Home

Home care is commonly an option for less costly elder living set-up. All across San Antonio, tx this was standardized on an hourly basis with an average of $19.75 this 2018. Although in specific areas like Alamo heights and shavano park came out to be the most expensive ones having $21.25 – $25.25 per hour.

In comparison, the most affordable hourly priced home care services can be found in Brownsville, Laredo, McAllen, Abilene, and Waco.  But among mentioned areas, most can cater additional medical services when requested with add on an average of $1.25-$1.75 per hour.

Assisted Living with Assistance for Elders

In general, most seniors would still want a bit of independence despite whatever circumstances from which they also deserve. In such, assisted living is merely a combination of independent living and support care for areas in hygiene or medication.

Just last year, reports have shown the usual cost of living with assistance for elders reached up to $3,585 every month. And yet this is below the posted amount on the national level which is $3,670 on a monthly basis.

But in relation to this, some areas of Texas were seen to be even higher up the level zooming in a monthly cost of living on a minimum of $4, 030, and a maximum of $4,646. These areas circled in Amarillo, Victoria, Beaumont, San Antonio, Odessa, and Austin. In addition, special care services like Memory Care for elders with Alzheimer’s even top up as much as $1,270 on the total monthly expenses. This is quite understandable, as these conditions need to add on precautionary safety procedures to ensure comfort and convenience for the residents.

However, it is but a relief to know that some states still cater fairly affordable Assisted living assistance within El Paso, Texarkana, Corpus Christi and Waco on an average cost of $2,070 to $2,711 only on a monthly basis.

Other Financial Assistance Programs

Looking through the expenditures may be overwhelming and make one feel hopeless to meet up the amount needed to provide the proper care for their loved ones. A solution for this is to go through and apply for State Financial Coverage or Medicaid. The options would be under Medicaid or Waivers. If this still seems unattainable, another great option is offered by the State to non-qualified Medicaid. Assistance programs are offered by the State to eligible benefactors. In addition, non-profit and local assistance programs can reduce if not totally cover the daily or monthly expenditures either through full assistance or loans.

State Medicaid Assistance and Waivers

This program initially started in Nursing Homes or institutional care setting where it benefits, low-income seniors as well as disabled individuals at a limited level of personal care and services. As years went by, it was opened up to individuals that opted to stay at their residences. And recently being known as Home and Community Based Services Waivers (HCBS) and was granted resources for both medical and non-medical care whether in nursing home facilities or at their own residences or community.

For elders not qualified for Medicaid, they can look through two possible options; Community Care for Disabled or Aged (CCAD) and Community Attendant Services (CAS). Community Care for Disabled or Aged (CCAD) is open for those individuals who choose to reside at home as well as those that accepted to stay at home facilities. They qualify to receive funding for non-medical personal care and support by trained individuals. Whereas Community Attendant Services (CAS) solely benefits elders that will stay at their own homes. They will be given resources for attendant care with an option for family members to give self-direction care or be hired as the caregiver.

After looking through the financial options for acquiring a reasonable home facility for your loved ones, we at Heartwood assisted living could give you full assurance to be your partner.  We can provide a comfortable and meaningful lifestyle through our custom made medication plans, and holistic practices to renew both physical and mental awareness to continue enjoying life.  After all, there is no other home facility other than Heartwood Seniors that has a real family taking care of your beloved family member.