6 Ideas to help ease seniors into Long Term Care

6 Ideas to help ease seniors into Long Term Care


There’s no question, the senior years can bring challenges to your mental and physical well-being. But again it doesn’t have to hamper quality of life. In fact, by using the pros as well as the cons of being a senior, you can make this life stage the healthiest and happiest one yet. Try these 6 ideas and see how can turn senior adulthood into an opportunity to become your best, most vibrant you:

1. Look at the Bright Side

The effect of aging will only bring you down if you let them. Try looking at the bright side of growing older instead. For Instance, while your memory may start to fade as you age, research shows that your ability to manage your memory and jotting things down, understand the big picture, and find solutions to improve the years to come. Focusing on the positives of aging can do everything from boost energy and coping ability to increase life span.

2. Apply your knowledge

Think of all the knowledge you’ve gained over the years. Why not apply it to something worthwhile? Write a book, participate on a board, or speak to young people who can benefit from your experiences and wisdom. You have the power now more than ever to help influence change and make the world around you a better plan. Plus, sharing what you know bring meaning to life, resulting in increased health and happiness.

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3. Retirement Asset Management

As your or a loved one ages, not many people consider how to protect their assets, especially when they enter long term care options. Things like estate planning documents, wills and guardianship are all things to consider. Locally within San Antonio, Dominic J. Negron of the Elder Law Experts could help with this.

4. Let yourself rest

As the body ages, it’s more common to experience daytime fatigue. Don’t fight it or feel guilty about napping. While you don’t need to sleep the afternoon away, your body and mind may benefit from a 20-30-minute nap. According to the national sleep foundation, napping improved alertness, performance, and relaxation. Not a nap? Meditation is another great way to get daily rest and takes just a few minutes to do.

5. Take an interest in your medications

Prescription drugs are commonly used among seniors to manage age-related health conditions. While medications can improve quality of day to day life for seniors, the more you know the better. Invest time in your healthcare by learning about the drugs you take, how to get the most benefit from them, and alternatives that could improve your symptoms. A good relationship with your doctor plays an important role, too.

6. Consume Age-appropriate Foods

While you may not be able to eat like you used to, you can still enjoy food as a senior adult and improve your health during the process. The nation council on aging recommends eating fewer calories as you age and including important nutrients, like vitamin D and fiber. It’s also important to stay hydrated upon retirement to keep the skin looking healthy and avoid dehydration.

Even though this list is only 6 ideas, there are many more things seniors can do! Heartwood Assisted Living does tons of activities with its residents which include arts and crafts, outdoor fun like gardening and more. If you think your mom or dad would love a place like Heartwood, reach out to Michelle and schedule a tour at 210-361-1006

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